1. Q: It is showing error "FAIL TO GET SHELL ROOT".

A: The message "failed to get shell root" means you have failed to root your phone. We are working on this issue for some time and we are sorry to tell you that we can not solve this problem recently. This is a common problem of root exist in nearly all root applications, we will update Unlock Root when there is a new method of rooting.

2. Q: Does Unlock Root work with Android 4.0.2?

A: Unlock Root doesn't work with official version of Android 4.0. But it works with Android 4.0. made by the third party.

3. Q: When it rebooted, is there a way to tell if is rooted?

A: Install "AnTuTu Battery Saver" app and run it. If your phone asks whether you give this app permission to root, then it's rooted.

4. Q: Does rooting do any of the following? 1. Wipe the data? 2. Unlock the bootloader? 3. Change the recovery?

A: You have to unlock the bootloader before rooting. It won't wipe the data or change the recovery.

5. Q: Any plans to add other devices?

A: Yes, we have plans to add devices.

6. Q: Is rooting confirmed on Z? I got the latest HTC update and it's 2.3.3, not 2.3.7, and rooting is unsuccessful. Will I need custom ROM?

A: Make sure your HTC is in S-off state. If rooting fails in S-off state, then it's caused by different firmware version.

7. Q: Is your smartphone supported?

A: Please take a look at our supporting list: http://www.unlockroot.com/unlockroot.php

8. Q: Could I root the MAXQ X7? Is there anyway to root this tablet using your program?

A: We are not sure. You may have a try with your device. Unlock Root is stable enough and would not let your device get bricked.

9. Q: Is there any chance that we can get a Linux version of this program?

A: Sorry, Unlock Root isn't compatible with Linux.

10. Q: In your Guide section, you state: Note: You need to install your device's driver on your PC before do this. Do you mean the USB Drivers from the Android SDK? Or did you mean the Phone/Radio drivers?

A: We mean Android SDK Driver on our website. Or you could use Start Menu-> Programs-> Unlock Root-> Install Driver.

11. Q: Unlock Root doesn't work on my HTC Desire.

A: We suggest you to reinstall HTC Sync, or you could use Start Menu-> Programs-> Unlock root-> Install Driver. PS: Unlcok Root can only work with S-OFF devices.

12. Q: If I use Unlock Root to unroot, will the phone manufacturer able to find out that the phone has been rooted before? Will I still need to use the stock ROM to restore it back so that the warranty is not voided?

A: If you need warranty, you'd better restore stock ROM.

13. Q: It didn't work on my HTC EVO 4G 2.3.3.

A: Sorry, Unlock Root doesn't work with all Android phones.

14. Q: When I try to install the program on my Windows XP it says: "Error launching installer". What should I do?

A: Please re-download this program.

15. Q: I am trying to root my device with this software but my Anti Virus program sees your software as a threat. I install it anyway but when I try to run it I get a message saying I don't have permission to run this program. I then ran it as administrator but it did the same thing.

A: Turn off your anti-virus software.

16. Q: My wildfire is getting stuck and something about busybox...

A: If the information is "fail chmod busybox", then it means that your phone has failed to root. There is nothing we can do about it.

17. Q: An error appears "Failed to chmod file: busybox". How can I fix it? The apk "Superuser" in the app drawer. How can I delete it?

A: The information shows that you've failed to unroot. You can try again. It might be that unroot doesn't work with your phone. You can use "Unroot Explorer" to delete any files.

18. Q: Will you update to make the program compatible with my device?

A: We cannot test it for you, but you can try it by download device driver from http://www.unlockroot.com/download.html and SDK driver from http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html manually.

19. Q: Does rooting works on Samsung Galaxy ACE without any bugs?

A: We are unable to test it on all devices, but you can try it by yourself.

20. Q: I get this error "Not find online device" when I try to root my Xperia X8 (v2.1 update-1). USB Debugging is ON!

A: Re-install driver, or try start Menu-> Programs-> Unlock Root-> Install driver

21. Q: I used your tool to root my desire HD running Android 2.3.5 and HTC sense 3.0. The tool ran as expected with no errors but on reboot the phone was not rooted.

A: Sorry, Unlock Root didn't recognize your phone. You've failed to root.

22. Q: I am having a problem unrooting phone using Unlock Root for my MyTouch 4G. Can you help?

A: Sorry, we've received some response of MyTouch 4G users that rooting is unsuccessful on this device,

23. Q: I used your Unlock Root program to root my XT910 but the recent Asia/MiddleEast OTA update came through and was accidentally installed. Now the root is broken (superuser is always denied) and I cannot unroot or re-root.

A: Sorry, it doesn't work for all versions.

24. Q: When I click "Root" or "Unroot", but clicking either one results in "Do you want try to install driver?" and nothing happens when click "Yes", then it just keeps popping up over and over again!

A: You you may download device driver (or from manufacturer's website) and SDK driver manually and then try Unlock Root.

25. Q: Can you help us to root Huawei CM980 (Evolution II in Venezuela)?

A: We have received similar feedback before and we are trying to fix this issue now. This model is not sold in our country, so we need some time to solve this problem. We will apply it to Unlock Root as long as we find a method to root it.

26. Q: My anti virus warns of potential threat with your downloader as a variant of win32/Somoto.A.

A: The malware you mentioned is a toolbar provided by our partner. You are free to choose whether to install it. We have test it online and over 90% antivirus programs report it's a safe software. If you have missed to cancel installation of the toolbar, you may uninstall it at Control Panel -- Program and Features. Unlock Root won't do harm to your PC.

27. Q: If I had to restore the memory, will I lose root? Is root a reversible process?

A: No matter what you have done with your phone, it won't lose root unless you UNROOT or flash a new ROM. This means even you restore the memory or restore to factory settings, your device is still rooted. Root is a reversible process. You can root your phone, then unroot it, and then you can root it again.

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